Reader: Snooze boycotters are douchebags, so why cave in to them?

As Patricia Calhoun pointed out in a post yesterday, Snooze, which previously supported the city's urban camping ban, has now reversed course. The decision brought out folks on every side of the issue -- including this reader, who has antipathy both for the Occupy Denver-types that targeted the restaurant and the eatery itself.

jdbe writes:

F*ck all of the Boycott Snooze/Occupy Denver douchebags who not only made complete asses of themselves every weekend (all dozen of them) up at Snooze, but who did so without doing one goddamned thing to actually help the homeless population walking around them on the sidewalks to get to services at the DRM and St. Francis shelters.

Loudmouthed, bullying, obnoxious, self-righteous, self-aggrandizing, holier-than-thou and incredibly indignant about the fact that the world doesn't work exactly the way THEY want in their far-right socialist 'paradise,' the "Boycotters" and "Occupiers" represent nothing more than egos in search of a movement to make them feel some sort of relevance in a society, city and culture that really doesn't give two shits what they think or how loudly they want to scream.

Furthermore, the capitulation of Snooze to this very vocal minority of myopic self-indulgent little pricks is simply idiotic...and almost assuredly political in nature. They should have stood their ground and continued to fight for the rights of residents, small business owners and the people who have to work and walk downtown to not be harassed for money/cigarettes/whiskey (Gordon) every 40 feet, to not have to walk into work through doorways soaked in human urine and to not have to worry that when they come back to their car that it will have been broken into and ransacked for anything valuable to continue to feed the crack, meth and dust habits of a significant portion of the population around Triangle Park, Civic Center Park, Sonny Lawson Park and surrounding streets.

By the way -- it's a guarantee they didn't see "a dramatic decrease in business" - as witnessed by their continued business expansion in Colorado and California, the 90+ minute wait to get in on any given day, the fact that they can and will almost double in size by 2014 (number of locations AND revenue).

They were probably just sick of the "Boycotters" trespassing, harassing customers, damaging their property, threatening their employees & patrons and vandalism of their location downtown.

THAT'S the revealing behavior of the self-righteous perpetrators of the idiotic boycott of Snooze by these infantile entitled little shits...and it says all anyone needs to know about their joke of a "movement."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.