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Reader: Solution to Potholes? Spraypaint Penises on Them!

Chris Hoover was so fed up with the potholes in city streets that he recently sent us his "Potholes: Enough Is Enough" proclamation. And plenty of people who read it are now ready to sign on to Hoover's cause. Says Jeff: 
Excellent bit from the guy who contributed and he is dead on. I've been here in Denver since 1973 and I have never seen the roads this bad. What the hell is happening with our tax dollars and why can't the state get this done? I drive most of the day on city streets and there are a lot of dangerous potholes. How about using some of the pot tax money? Very frustrating.
 Adds Tyee: 
Try driving down Dahlia from Montview to 26th. It's like a jeep trail. They ripped up the street and did a terrible job patching. And now there's a ton of potholes. Their answer? Fill them with loose asphalt
But Jess has a solution: 
I'm telling you, the solution is to spray paint penises on every pothole. Those suckers will get fixed in no time.
What do you think of the pothole situation in Denver? What's the worst pothole you've found?
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