Reader: U.S. Attorney's letter shows medical marijuana raids can happen in Colorado

Our interview with a representative of the U.S. Attorney's Office, who said the federal government makes no distinction between medical marijuana and pot grown for non-medical purposes, evoked some strong responses. Here are the thoughts of a reader who's been following news of dispensary raids in other states.

Guest writes:

Wow, federal raids in Michigan, Washington, California and Montana recently, and you think everything is OK? What part of Walsh's letter did you read that said that the feds were going to leave Colorado alone? Walsh's letter was the warning to everyone that has applied to be an MMC that the feds consider them criminals. All MMC applicants and associated persons are under criminal investigation right now, as part of the MMC application process. MMC applicants gave their power of attorney to the DOR to do these criminal background investigations. The DOR is doing 4,000 criminal background checks right now. No MMC licenses have been granted in Colorado. Yet in order to apply to be an MMC, you had to revoke your constitutional right to be a caregiver. Now Walsh's office says that they are only leaving people alone if they are compliant as patients or caregivers UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. And MMC applicants have NO constitutional protection. And you feel safe?

I guarantee you, that anyone who has experienced a federal raid doesn't consider the feds as just bored memo writers.

Why do you think what is happening all over the country will not happen here?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.