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Reader: Washington boss should have let Denver fan wear Broncos jersey

There was a lot of debate over our post about Washington's Nathaniel Wentz, who was fired after wearing a Broncos jersey to work. Some felt the teen deserved sacking because he left work and didn't return. But others feel he shouldn't have been sent home in the first place, including this reader.

Kandi Kandi writes:

Nah, that is ridiculous. If they ASSUMED that everyone would wear Seakhawks gear, that's their fault. If you say to your employees that they can wear a jersey, then you can't be mad when they show up in a different teams gear. I understand he was fired after not returning, but he shouldn't have been sent home in the first place. I'm from Denver, but the Broncos are second choice in teams, I am a NE fan. I think the issue is he was sent home for something he was told he could wear, it's not his fault the boss is a Seahawks fan and specified the team jersey he could wear. isn't that important in the big scheme of things.

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