Reader: Wave a Nail Gun at Cops and You Deserve to Get Shot

Our post about the decision by a prosecutor not to charge police officers for the killing of Michael Rodriguez in Greeley last month, we noted that there have been four fatal officer-involved shootings in Weld County over the past eight months.

In many quarters, these incidents are considered to be controversial

Not so with this reader, who points out that Rodriguez was gunned down after allegedly pointing the nail gun pictured above at law enforcers.

Here's his take.

Darnell24 writes:

None of these deaths are controversial, all of the perps had deadly weapons and threatened or used them against citizens, which I might remind you, cops are also citizens. What were the cops supposed to, ask him in their nicest voice to put the nail gun down? The guy was stupid for waiving a nail gun around, threatening to put a nail in somebody face or body. Funny how I've never waived a weapon around and threatened innocent people with it, and yet here I am, alive without ever being shot. 

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