Reader: We Should Sue Oklahoma and Nebraska for Making People Fat

Reader: We Should Sue Oklahoma and Nebraska for Making People Fat

A pair of law professors from Concordia University argue that Colorado should pay Oklahoma and Nebraska for the headaches caused by limited marijuana legalization, just as the government here could be responsible for pollution that flows by river into their territory.

The theory engendered a great deal of debate among readers, with this one coming up with a unique way to look at the situation.

Chris Johnson writes:

By this logic, other states should be suing Oklahoma and Nebraska for their contributions to the obesity epidemic by the "toxic sludge" they sling over their borders aka high fructose corn syrup. Unlike marijuana, which has yet to be fully determined to cause health problems due to lack of research, we have plenty of research showing how detrimental corn syrup is to a healthy diet, yet it's shipped over their state lines constantly.

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