Reader: We Simply Can't Prevent Every Death in a Colorado Bike Race
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Reader: We Simply Can't Prevent Every Death in a Colorado Bike Race

In our post about the late Scott Ellis, who died near the end of the Leadville 100 bike race, we noted that he was the second person to perish during a Colorado cycling event in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, we noted that Will Olson died in a freak accident at the Big Mountain Enduro race in Crested Butte.

When we shared the post, we asked if there's anything more that can be done to prevent such tragedies. This thoughtful reader fears the answer to this question, sadly, is "no."

Here's what she had to say.

Katie Coleman writes:

There are "inherent risks" involved in every thing we do including driving a car, walking down the street, skydiving, riding a roller coaster, eating food, etc. Endurance athletes generally are very healthy and if they are like me, visit their Dr regularly. They tend to be "in tune" with their bodies better than most people who do not work out or don't work out as much. If Drs cannot find issues and the athlete can't even discern that something is or may be wrong, I am not sure what else can be done. No one really knows what happened with Olson but it appears to have been, and it is described to be, a "freak accident." In other words, an "inherent risk."

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