Reader: Weeds hurts medical marijuana and patients by turning the issue into a joke

Yesterday, we shared details from the latest episode of the Showtime series Weeds, which satirized the medical marijuana scene in Colorado, not to mention parents forced to attend kiddie concerts. But one of our commenters, identified as Anonymous, wasn't laughing. Indeed, he feels the program, starring Mary-Louise Parker as a widow who turns to pot dealing, hurts MMJ patients and the industry as a whole.

Here's the Anonymous comment:

the "weeds" show, though fiction, seems to be taken as fact by many politicians, doctors, and health department employees. this show hurts medical marijuana patients and programs, turning it into a joke. anyone that takes this show seriously should change their underwear--that stench is you moron, not everyone else. a documentary would be more productive but could be equally destructive to medical marijuana patients and programs depending on the intent of the producers.

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