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Reader: Westword Sucks — But the Broncos' Super Bowl Win Won't

Our Brian Badzmierowski sure knows how to rile people up — by continuing to pick the Broncos to lose.

He predicted that the Patriots would kick the Broncos' ass in the AFC championship game.

And while that didn't happen, he's confident that the Carolina Panthers will smoke Denver in the Super Bowl — and offers ten reasons why.

Plenty of folks were unhappy with Badzmierowski's takes, including this reader, who foresees not only a Broncos' victory but a subsequent film to capture its majesty.

Dean Patterson writes:
Westword sucks... The "experts" have picked the Broncos to lose pretty much every game this year, they also predicted that #18 was done for good after his benching. This is just an unusual year and a team that never gives up, someday they're going to make a movie about the legendary 2015 Broncos and their epic Superbowl 50 win.
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