Doug Linkhart.
Doug Linkhart.

Reader: When a car driver makes a mistake around a bicyclist, guess who might get killed

The debate about bicycles, cars and road safety that began with Sam Levin's post about Doug Linkhart's Bike to Work Day accident rolled over into a Comment of the Day from a reader who thinks bicyclists should lose license points when they break traffic laws. Today, we hear from someone who feels those on cyclists shouldn't get all the blame.

SxPxDxCx writes:

I forget sometimes that all drivers are perfect and completely follow all traffic laws. It must be bicycles causing all of those traffic accidents all over town. I invite you to come stand at 3rd and Bannock and witness how many cars barely bother to stop, stop in the crosswalk, or don't bother to stop at all.

If a bicycle rolls a stop sign and runs into a car your car might get scratched up. If a car rolls a stop sign and runs into a bike the cyclist might die.

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