Reader: Where there's MMJ smoke, there's ire

Have a question about how medical marijuana works -- or doesn't work -- in Colorado? Post it on the Latest Word, and you're certain to hear from plenty of people -- some official experts, like pot reviewer William Breathes, others unofficial. And where there's smoke, there's ire, as evidenced by the response to Sierra's criticism of MMJ reviews.

For example, mmyers46 offered this:

Perhaps I can help Sierra. Unlike most medications, which are swallowed in pill form or injected in liquid form, cannabis is smoked, vaporized, or ingested as a component of food. Therefore, considerations of taste and aroma are significant. More significant is the different balance of cannabinoids in different strains which makes them appropriate for different medical conditions.

Your accusations that medical marijuana is being recommended for halitosis and athlete's foot might be true in California, but Colorado's medical marijuana law is much more restrictive

Have advice -- expert or otherwise -- for Sierra? Post it below.

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