Reader: Who Wants to Live in a Place With Pot, Stoners and Grumpy People?

Reader: Who Wants to Live in a Place With Pot, Stoners and Grumpy People?

We recently shared a Comment of the Day that's among our most viewed ever.

The 2014 item is headlined, "Reader: Denver Rent Prices Are So High They're Pushing People Into Homelessness."

As was the case at the time of its original publication, the post generated a landslide of responses, including the one below, which maintains that the Colorado lifestyle has gotten worse since the legalization of marijuana.

Here's the take of a former Coloradan.

Jamie L Chaney writes:

I'm from Colorado. Since I left, they legalized, the cost of living is higher for the people who live there and it seems everyone got grumpy and mean ppl moved in. Who wants to pay so much to be in a place where they have pot, stoners and grumpy ppl? I moved to Fl and hated it. Then went to Ga. I had a beautiful 3 bedroom townhouse with front and back yard, wooden floors, laundry room, huge dining room, huge bathroom. I also lived by art galleries, coffee shops and nature was everywhere. It was only $630 for a three bedroom. My electric bill was $40 and my car insurance was $50. Everything else was paid for. It reminds me of Colorado. So if you don't like Colorado, Ga is nice.

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