Reader: Who wouldn't want to get high if they lived in godforsaken Nebraska?

William Breathes's post about the concerns of Nebraska law-enforcers about a Colorado pot shop opening near the border revved up conversations on a number of fronts -- including the age old rivalry between the two states. His reader adds fuel to the fire.

DeathBreath writes:

Yes, let's paint that canvas with a wide brush. So, because folks are taking liberty with buying bud & transporting it across state lines, the whole legalization is a failure? Since this is a pilot program, so to speak, various adjustments need to be made. Trust me, cops and the court systems make every bit of their money back with sustained efforts to bust unlucky ones who take unnecessary chances. They make tons of money through the legal circus. Oink, oink, oink.

In fact, possession in Nebraska should be a mercy issue. Who in the hell wouldn't want to get high living in that God-forsaken boring state! I'm surprised more don't take their lives.

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