Reader: Why Is a Pot Business Sale Okay, But a Craft Beer Deal a Sellout?

Kayvan Khalatbari, an early ganjapreneur, recently sold Denver Relief to Willie Nelson for his Willie's Reserve. Now Khalatbari, an arts supporter (Sexpot Comedy) and activist (he ran for Denver City Council last year) has announced plans for Art&, a new event set for September 16 at the renovated McNichols Building. 

But Khalatbari's not the only local entrepreneur to sell to a national name. Breckenridge Brewery sold earlier this year to Anheuser Busch InBev — and that deal has provoked a lot more discussion in the community and on this site. Says Whitley: 

Wait, wait, wait... so Kayvan is a "hero" 'cause he sold his weed business to a "big name," yet when Breckenridge Brewery sold to AB InBev they are criminals and sellouts?....Way to pick and choose.

Craft beer and cannabis are both growing businesses in Colorado, and more sales are coming. What do you think of the Willie's Reserve deal? The Breckenridge Brewery sale?

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