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Readers: Caucuses Suck and Here's Why

Our post about the Colorado caucus focused on the huge turnout.

Lines were long, sites were so crowded that some participants had to meet outside and a voter shared his story about being turned away because he got into the line one minute late.

Not every person commenting on the piece had a bad experience. But plenty of them were unhappy about how things went down, with many arguing that switching from a caucus to a primary would be preferable.

Here's a sampling of takes expressing the latter view.

Steven Fowler writes:
Caucuses are a ridiculously outmoded means of participation in the 1st world of the 21st century.
Mitch Stillman writes:
I guess it is really kinda old fashioned democracy but a mail in ballot primary is the way to go....
Tom Fair writes:
They turned away people that were in line at 7 p.m. They waited several hours and then were told they could not vote, when it would have taken 2 seconds to add their votes to the vote we literally finished counting right before they got there. Instead they were told you are shit out of luck. We had a line going all the way around a city block until 8 p.m.
Dawne Flanagan writes:
My first caucus. I can see why there's so much contention about them, they can be chaotic. Our caucus captains did a great job, though.

Mail in ballots/Primaries. That's what Colorado needs. This caucus system is antiquated and unneeded.
Michael Eric writes:
Time to move to a primary. It was totally exclusionary. What middle-aged family person or service worker can afford three hours from 6-9 to vote. Time for a change!
Christine Shock writes:
Complete cluster in Brighton. Disorganized, missing packets where people could not Caucus. Very few trained Caucus workers, etc. We were there for 3 hours. We should go back to a mail in primary...
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