Ashton Kutcher in "The Ranch."
Ashton Kutcher in "The Ranch."
Netflix via YouTube

Readers Debate: Ashton Kutcher's Colorado-Set Series Sucks — or it Doesn't!

We recently highlighted eight failed TV shows set in Colorado — and wondered if The Ranch, a new Colorado-set Netflix series starring Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson would join them in the dustbin of pop-culture history.

The Ranch has now debuted — and readers had a variety of reactions to it.

Some don't think it's all that bad. Others believe it really, really is.

Here are a sampling of their reactions.

Brett Sibley writes:

I watched the first two episodes last night. Not bad. Jim Patterson brings that That 70s Show feel back to the screen. Plus, Danny Mastersons character is just Hyde 2.0 which is fine with me. GIVE IT A CHANCE GUYS.

Susan M Goerke writes:

The cow birthing in Ep1 was one of the stupidest tv moments ever aired.

Erin Sandell writes:

My husband loves this show!

Eric Pizzie writes (in response to the question of whether the show is as bad as it looks):


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