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Reader: Chicago Would Never Build the Same Sh*t That's Being Built in Denver

The only Denver detached residence currently listed on Homesnap for less than $200,000.
The only Denver detached residence currently listed on Homesnap for less than $200,000. Google Maps
As Denver's housing market gets more expensive, sellers seem to think buyers will buy less for more. Case in point: We found a couple of pretty despicable properties on sale for $250,000, which would purchase a perfectly lovely home in less insane markets.

Readers have a lot to say about our housing market — and our tolerance.

Leanne says:
I have been In Colorado for four years from Chicago. I am 100 percent for the sustainability and architectural preservation. Chicago would never build the shit that is being built in Denver. It breaks by heart.
Margaret explains:
Sadly, it's just progress. Out with the old (me), in with the new.
Emmy notes:
Gross. No thanks. I'll remain far away from Denver
Have you seen what a million will get you in California?
And Wendy concludes:
Come to Pueblo, where your money will go much further...small but beautiful city.
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