Readers debate John Suthers nixing Metro's undocumented student tuition deal

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One word can spur an entire conversation.

That's what happened in the comment section to our post about Colorado Attorney General John Suthers's negative opinion about Metro State's undocumented student tuition plan. Here's the ideological back and forth, with a third party declaring a winner.

Big Fella writes:


Smaller Fella writes:

Sorry, but this stinks.

John Suthers and people who support him are pathetic, resentful knee-jerk reactionaries who understand neither the underlying economics of the issue nor the ultimate realities of human migration and the history of this nation. It is base ignorance and prejudice of the rankest an most vile fashion. This was an excellent decision on the part of the Metro State board.

My guess is that you do not have much of an education yourself. Learning tends to promote critiques deeper than single word responses and reactions more compassionate that bigotry. But by all means, carry on with your Tea Party idiocy and call yourself a patriot. The rest of us are on to you.

Big Fella writes:

Do you have any points to make other than baseless name calling and race baiting? I am not a tea party member nor a conservative. Ask my wife of almost 15 years if I'm bigoted. I'm of Scottish decent and she is Mexican/American ( her grandparents legally immigrated here years ago. Something that a lot of people choose to bypass these days).

Sorry, I earned two degrees and started my own company 13 years ago, I employee 123 people in three cities. Just 4 years ago, my company was named one of the top 3 up and coming companies in my state ( and gone on to win a few other awards recently) all of this by age 35.

Stan writes:

Big Fella Wins. Flawless Victory.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.