Jessie Hernandez.
Jessie Hernandez.
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Readers Debate: Was Jessie Hernandez Police Shooting Reasonable or Unjustified?

Hundreds upon hundreds of comments poured in after the publication of our post about sixteen-year-old Jessie Hernandez, a young woman who was killed by Denver police officers as she drove a stolen car. Readers disagreed passionately about whether the shooting was reasonable or unjustified. Here's a couple of examples, followed by a comment elegant in its simplicity.

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Art Way Jr. writes:

You sheep are why we are dealing with police unable to handle situations no better than the so called "thugs" and "criminals" y'all sheep are always claiming deserve to die. Demand better of your civil servants, is the only training these civil servants receive is to kill. Are the tax dollars used any other way?

Jennifer Jamieson writes:

Had she gotten away and hit someone else, you'd probably be complaining that they hadn't shot. Give the police a break for doing their jobs.

Lynn Garcia writes:

Prayers to her family.

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