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Reader: People From Different States Have Different Driving Styles

A photo from a multi-car pileup on Interstate 25 in March 2014 that killed one and injured thirty.
A photo from a multi-car pileup on Interstate 25 in March 2014 that killed one and injured thirty. Lori Midson
Coloradans don't agree on much, but there's one subject on which there seems to be consensus: Drivers in the state are getting worse — and Denver drivers are no exception. A new study contends that Colorado drivers are the sixth-lousiest in the nation, as measured against the other 49 U.S. states.

Readers have been quick to weigh in.

Says David:
Simple. Bad drivers from other states moving here. Do a statistical analysis of increase in population and rise in bad driving.
Argues Nathan:
Well, population grew as quickly as it did, and that caused the need for construction on roads to handle the new drivers, which took time to get approved and what not. Now this construction is not done yet in a lot of areas, so wherever is happening is actually worse off than before the construction started, until that construction finishes.
Explains James:
Here is my old-man-shakes-fist-at-sky theory for all the bad drivers; hear me out. For the last twenty years, a large percentage of the driving public's first exposure to driving has been through Mario Cart and GTA. All gas,no brakes. Swerving all over the place. It's insanity!!
Notes Wesley:
People from different states have different driving styles, and sometimes they conflict. Add to that a massive population boom, road infrastructure that isn't what it needs to be, etc.
Suggests Gloria:
Denver has the worst on/off ramps — they’re a nightmare — terrible engineering — and all those new signs on I-25 are a huge distraction...another poor engineering design.
Analysis of data over the course of the past decade, when Colorado has boomed like never before, suggests that the result reached in this recent study isn't an outlier, but the culmination (for now) of a developing trend.

One significant takeaway: The poorest Colorado drivers simply do not give a fuck.

There are plenty of theories about why this on-the-road situation might be happening, with the most popular focusing on rapid population growth owing to an influx of transplants that has overwhelmed existing infrastructure, leading to a slew of new construction projects that tend to exacerbate the problem until they're completed.

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