Readers were impressed with Alvin Plucker's history

"The Spies Left Behind," Joel Warner, April 3

Humor in Uniform

I was very impressed by the story of Alvin Plucker, the "plucky" man who has honored the history of the USS Pueblo with the collection in his Colorado basement. I had vaguely remembered what happened when these brave servicemen were held hostage in North Korea, but I had no idea of how they had defied their captors — and kept their spirits up — by using comedy.

Thank you to Alvin Plucker for honoring these men, and to Westword for sharing this important chapter of history with us.
Jim Franklin

There are other North Koreas, of course — there always are: dark spots on the globe, black holes where little good ever gets out (alive). Our satellites passing over China-sponsored North Korea can scarcely detect a glimmer of light coming from Pyongyang at night, whereas Seoul, South Korea, is lit up like a Christmas tree.

North Korea's diminutive puppet-master megalomaniac, Kim Jong-un, heir to an evil dynasty, may be the next to use "the bomb" in anger. Keep a spotlight on North Korea. Don't let that upstart rogue nation get by with national and international terrorism and genocide. Through diplomacy and international embargos, shut them down as much as possible.

Very amusing Westword article! Dark humor.
Gene W. Edwards
Colorado Springs

Very informative. Besides giving us a glimpse into how our country treated these sailors, it shows how humor helps.
Tanya Sniveley
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"High Hopes," Gretchen Kurtz, April 3

Shock of the New

Lower48 Kitchen the Best New Restaurant in Denver? With all the big new restaurants in Denver — including Acorn and Old Major — when I read that in the Best of Denver, I wondered what all of you at Westword had been smoking (you certainly have plenty of advertisers in the back of every issue that can help keep you supplied!). But then I ate at Lower48, and I agree with every word that Gretchen Kurtz wrote in her review of the restaurant last week. It was definitely the best meal I've had in a long time, and the restaurant deserved that award.
Michelle Roth

In conversations with a lot of people over the last few weeks, we all have the same question: When are you going to get a food writer? There's so much wrong with Gretchen Kurtz that the list would be almost meaningless; there's just nothing good to say about her. No cooking experience, inability to write clearly, reviewing the same restaurant again and again every week — and, on top of that, they're all hipster hangouts. It's really insulting to us — those of us who actually have a sense of taste and are familiar with the English language.
Name withheld on request

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