Reba Doyle and Scott Liles caught on video striking, shaking baby

Although we frequently hear warnings about the dangers of striking or shaking a baby, we seldom see footage of parents actually doing it.

The case of Greeley residents Reba Doyle and Scott Liles is an exception to this rule.

Footage has surfaced showing Doyle slapping her one year old and Liles, her boyfriend, shaking the baby -- actions that have led to child abuse charges against both of them. See the video and get details below.

The scoop comes courtesy of 9News, which reports that an acquaintance of the couple who'd previously reported suspicions of child abuse captured the video last month. She then showed the clip to a friend, who shared the video with the Greeley Police Department.

The Facebook pages of Doyle and Liles give no indication that anything was awry. While Liles's page is dominated by photos and memes supporting Second Amendment rights, including this one...

...it also sports plenty of photos of two happy, smiling children. Likewise, the profile pic is a family friendly image of Liles and Doyle with the older of the kids, who we've cropped out of the shot: As for Doyles's page, the only photos on it are of an adorable baby. Even a sonogram is spotlighted: To put it mildly, there's a complete disconnect between these images and those captured on the video. In the clip, Doyle slaps the crying baby three times, while Liles shakes the one year old in a seat while holding the child's head.

According to an arrest affidavit accessed by 9News, Doyle and Liles initially denied having abused the baby, but acknowledged their actions after being shown the video.

The pair were subsequently arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor child abuse. Yes, misdemeanor.

Here's a look at the booking photos taken of Doyle and Liles, followed by the 9News report. Warning: It's tough to watch.

More from our Colorado Crimes archive circa March: "Taylor Bush allegedly admits to shaking her baby: Did it kill him?"

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