Renegade graffiti crew makes Capitol Hill hate peace

Give peace a chance? Not in much of Capitol Hill today. Over the weekend, a graffiti practitioner and/or crew with, presumably, a keen sense of irony, tossed up hastily scrawled peace signs on businesses, government buildings and even some private residences, much to the chagrin of those whose property was turned into an impromptu canvas. Last night, the story led Channel 7's late newscast, with one commentator who described herself as "a bleeding-heart liberal" ("I love peace!" she declared) claiming that the icons crossed the line from street art to vandalism.

No denying the can-wielders were thorough. During a stroll along 13th Avenue moments ago, I saw at least a dozen peace signs on businesses such as the Buffalo Exchange, Moxie Hair Co. and the Colorado Ballet -- which seems to represent the western edge of the project/assault on the senses and sensibilities. Look below to see other signs of the times.

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