Rep. David Balmer's Olde English speech: comedy, lunacy or evidence of drunkenness?

The folks at the conservative website Face the State have lately been watching a lot of the Colorado Channel -- the service that provides video coverage of the Colorado General Assembly -- and thank goodness for that. When it comes to sifting through hour upon painful hour of dry procedural matters to find the rare gem, well, better them than us. Back in mid-January, FTS found a clip of the "Capitol Choir" singing a particularly robust version of "Happy Birthday;" see the More Messages blog "Colorado House Needs to Shore Up its Bass" for details. Even funnier was a snippet from yesterday, in which Rep. David Balmer, who was recently cleared of wrongdoing in an ethics probe, made announcements in the style of an 18th century town crier, complete with a fruity British accent that caused House Speaker Terrance Carroll to chortle like a paid laugher in a sitcom audience.

Weird. As. Hell. Check it out by clicking here.

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