Republican moms should support marijuana reform, says Jessica Peck Corry

The fight over medical marijuana in the state legislature is ramping up, with Republicans being perceived as the group most resistant to policies that allow the proliferation of dispensaries across the state.

An exception to that rule is the Independence Institute's Jessica Peck Corry, who looks at marijuana policy from a decidedly libertarian perspective. In the Reason.TV video above, recorded at the Washington Center for Journalism and Politics last November, Corry, wife of attorney/marijuana advocate Rob Corry, states, "To my fellow Republican moms, I have this to say: For too long, we have allowed the government to parent our children." She adds that in the face of crumbling public schools and infrastructure, not to mention soldiers dying in Iraq for want of proper armor on their vehicles, "We need to know that it's this failed marijuana prohibition experiment that is taking billions of dollars away from those other far more important priorities."

Mother knows best.

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