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Robert Weber, Sex Offender, Accused of Making 3-Year-Old Perform Sex Act at Chuck E. Cheese

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Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are designed to attract kids -- and knowing that, the eatery's security team has designed safety measures intended to keep perverts away. But that apparently didn't stop Robert Weber, a sex offender, from getting inside a local branch and inducing a three-year-old girl to perform a sex act on him in, of all places, an elevated play tube. His strategy: using his own daughter as a beard. Continue for the disturbing details, including photos and a video.

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In an effort to prevent child abductions, Chuck E. Cheese restaurants use a "Kid Check" policy described on its website like so:

Before you get to all the food and fun, you will enter through our Kid Check® area.

Every member of a party -- adult and kid; family or group -- who enters Chuck E. Cheese's gets a unique hand stamp that is verified upon their exit to assist in our objective that families who come together leave together.

This program is not a substitute for adult supervision.

In addition, adults without children are not allowed into the restaurant. That created a problem for the author of a 2013 Gameological Society guide to Chuck E. Cheese for "unaccompanied adults." As he wrote, "Because Chuck E. Cheese's does not want to be a place where a pedophile can be a pedophile, you can't enter the premises unless you're accompanied by a child" -- so he had to borrow a friend's kid to enter.

Weber didn't need to go outside his own family for a child. According to 9News, which broke this story, he has a daughter of his own, albeit one to whom he isn't supposed to have access. In addition to a 2004 conviction for sex assault on a child (update), the 18th Judicial District DA's office notes that he's named in a protection order out of Arapahoe County.

Nonetheless, Weber and his daughter reportedly went to the Chuck E. Cheese branch on Hampden in Englewood circa November 20 and befriended a father who was onsite with his three-year-old daughter.

Weber allegedly convinced the dad to let him watch the girl, then took her to an elevated tube, where he got her to perform a sex act on him, the station maintains.

After subsequently learning his daughter had been exploited, the other father went to the cops -- and he had a powerful piece of evidence to help investigators track down Weber. Seems that the two adults and the two kids had posed for a photo-booth picture together.

Englewood police asked 9News not to share a mug shot of Weber, since he's suspected of other crimes and (update) has an open case in Arapahoe County. However, Weber's listing on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website remains online. He's suspected of sex assault on a child, violating a protective order and being a habitual offender.

You'll find the 9News report on the second page of this post. We've placed it there because the station puts videos on autoplay mode, which we, along with pretty much everyone we've ever met, finds incredibly irritating.

Continue to see the report on 9News report on Robert Weber.

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