Rockies' lack of power becomes laughing matter

The Bleacher Report piece "Colorado Rockies No. 1 In Denver Columnist's MLB Power Rankings" claims that the local ballers have sat Denver Post scribbler Woody Paige's roster all season, for reasons like these:

"This team is showing a lot of determination this season," said Paige in the article. "Even during their three-game sweep last weekend at home, they proved that they won't let blowouts phase them. After losing to the Dodgers in those games by a combined score of 38-13, you'd think they get blown out again by the next team they faced. But no, they only ended up losing by four the next day. That's mental toughness, and that's why this team is the best!"

Did Paige really say that? The name of the item's author, "The Sports Comedian," answers the question -- and indeed, the idea that the Rockies have any power at all is guffaw-worthy in the extreme. The firing of Clint Hurdle briefly energized the squad, but after winning two games in a row under interim manager Jim Tracy -- which practically qualifies as a streak this season -- the Rocks have lost the next two, including last night's lethargic 4-1 surrender to the Houston Astros. And don't expect things to get any prettier from here on out. So keep it up, Sports Comedian. Tears of laughter are definitely preferable to the other kind.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.