Rockies need stability more than streak record

With the recent end of the Denver Nuggets' exciting season, plenty of fans in these parts probably figured that they wouldn't have another competitive local pro-sports team to follow until... the Nugs start playing again in the fall. But the Rockies have elbowed their way back into the conversation via eleven consecutive victories, and they've got a chance to set a new franchise mark tonight if they can best the Tampa Bay Rays -- no longer such an easy task.

But that record is far less important than two others: overall wins and losses (they're just one game shy of .500, at 31-32) and playoff position (believe it or not, they're only three-and-a-half games out of the wild-card slot). With that in mind, a shortfall tonight is no big deal as long as the squad continues playing at the level it's maintained over the past couple of weeks. If they do, the Rockies should be able to keep our attention throughout the summer. If they don't, then their most recent feat will be nothing more than a temporary diversion from the mediocrity that preceded it.

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