Roller derby: Denver Roller Dolls debut their new home team, the lightning-bolt Electrocuties

The Denver Roller Dolls have a new home team: the blue-and-yellow Electrocuties, whose logo is a roller skate wheel with a lightning bolt trailing behind it. The Electrocuties have a superhero-ish vibe, says skater and team member Andrea "Kendra Blood" Hill.

"In my mind, I have us as the Flash," she says.

The Electrocuties join DRD's three other home teams: the Bad Apples, the Green Barrettes and the Shotgun Betties. (The Dolls also have two more-competitive teams, B-squad Bruising Altitude and A-squad Mile High Club.) Faced with growing participation, the league decided to add a fourth home team, Hill says, so that all the skaters could get more playing time and raise the level of competition.

The league solicited names for the new team and then the skaters voted on which one they liked best. "Some were more villain-y; some were more nice," Hill says of the suggestions. "The cute one won out." The runners-up? The Vaudevillians and the Frost Bites.

The Electrocuties debuted at DRD's first home bout this past Saturday at the 1stBANK Center in Broomfield, wearing electric-blue-and-yellow uniforms and bright yellow helmets. They also wore glow necklaces that they threw out into the crowd -- earning them instant fans, Hill notes. "We lost our first game," she says, "but we looked good."

Page down to see some photos of the Electrocuties by Jon Becker Photography.

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