Roller derby teams from Denver crush terrific Texas in two killer bouts

And now, derby fans, a bit of proof that Denver kicks ass at roller derby, courtesy of a Derby News Network live blog of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls' slaughter bout against the Texas Rollergirls this past Sunday:

Joe Mama: that was a monster jam for RMRG


Joe Mama: Timeout TX; time to staunch the bleeding of that last jam..

The Rollergirls went on to hand higher-ranked Texas its biggest loss ever: 64 to 163.

The day before, Denver's other derby team, the Denver Roller Dolls, also beat Texas. The score was 112 to 130 in a close bout that Derby News Network commentator Joe Mama called "crazytown."

The twin victories could very well shake up the Derby News Network Power Rankings, which celebrate the top twenty-five derby teams in the nation. Before this weekend, Texas -- where modern flat-track roller derby was born in 2000 -- was ranked No. 3, the Denver Rollers Dolls were ranked No. 4 and the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls were No. 5. Here's betting the badasses from Denver climb the ranks. Watch your back, New York!

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