Roseanne and Rush: The Dream Team

On April 28, Roseanne joined the cast of characters dreaming about riots in Denver. Guest-hosting a show on Air America, she let loose with this:

But you know what, I think I am old and I’m okay with being a baby boomer being older and everything like that. 'Cause I think one really good thing about it, we were just talking about it, is that I am over the BS. And I just want to identify solutions and then get 'em done. And I want to ah you know the people who are listening, I want to remind them or encourage them or wake them up to say you know what, you have so much more power then you think you have.

..I mean I think somebody’s profiting by keeping us all divided and making us feel like oh my God we don’t even know what to believe what we’re reading what’s true. But you know, we have a lot of power and there is a Democratic Convention in Denver in just a short time and we should a bunch of us go there and repeat the Democratic Convention from Chicago. Like, let’s just cause a bunch of trouble. Let's wrest back our government from what, six or seven you know guys like McCain and Romney and Bush from the top. Let’s just go take it. It’s ours. Nobody gives it to you, you just go take it. Let’s meet in Denver and let’s do it.

And Roseanne knows how to get to Denver: She lived here in a trailer with her first husband, Bill Pentland, and their three kids in the late '70s and early '80s, working on a desperate housewife act that had nothing to do with Wisteria Lane. Her big break as a Domestic Goddess came on the Tonight Show in 1985, after which she left Denver behind.

But now she's apparently ready to come back. As her rant continued:

Also try talking to other people plain and simple. Try like, they got they have us so isolated, that it’s us and our viewing screen like 1984. I mean talk to other living people because they all have the very same concerns as you do.

And then let’s get on a bus, whatever, let’s meet up in Denver. I mean seriously, I’m willing to do it. I’ll even put some of my own money into it because I’m like committed. I see how it easy it is for the woman -- in particular of my generation -- to go take it all. Take it all, it’s ours anyway.

Roseanne and Rush, together again for the first time in Denver. Talk about a dream team! -- Patricia Calhoun

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