Ruby Hill Habanero seeds add that southwest Denver spice: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Don't let this weekend's Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day party schedule keep you from digging in your garden. Summer weather blazes into town today and the heat is on -- especially for urban gardeners who plant electric-red Ruby Hill Habaneros from the Denver Neighborhood Seed Co.... As indicated by the illustration pictured above, Ruby Hill Habaneros are the perfect peppers to pick for growing on urban farms. This ten-alarm hybrid from southwest Denver enjoys full sun and thrives in backyard plots under phone towers and power lines.

To compliment its searing heat, Ruby Hill Habanero has a delicious smoky quality unlike any other pepper. Many residents of the Ruby Hill neighborhood find their flavor and aroma irresistible and use them liberally in barbecue sauces and salsas.

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