Ruh-roh! The Shaggy Bandit caught without Mystery Machine

In an August 20 blog, our own Joel Warner told us about the Shaggy Bandit, a scofflaw wanted for numerous bank heists. Shaggy's memorable name came courtesy of the FBI's Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force, whose members understand that reporters tends to pay more attention to thieves with catchy monikers -- because we're shallow that way

The approach certainly seemed to have worked in this case. Yesterday, Shaggy, whose real handle is (yawn) Michael A. Kincade, was captured along with a buddy following a tip from a bank teller, who recognized Kincade from news coverage. Crime stopped by cleverness! Scooby-dooby-doo!

Read the Boulder Police Department's account of Shaggy's last stand by clicking "Continue."

Boulder officer aids in arrest of suspected "Shaggy Bandit" robber

A Boulder police officer played a significant role this afternoon in the arrest of a suspect in a series of bank robberies, including two that occurred in the City of Boulder.

Officer Jason Duffy was on patrol along the Diagonal Highway at about 1:45 p.m. when he heard information aired over his police radio indicating that a teller at First Tier bank, 2120 Broadway St., had called 911. The teller wanted to report a possible sighting of a bank robbery suspect that the FBI has dubbed "Shaggy Bandit." According to the bank employee, the male suspect had walked into the bank, looked around and left. The bank employee gave dispatchers a very detailed clothing description but could not provide any information about a possible getaway vehicle.

A short while later, Duffy noticed an older-model red Bronco driving on the Diagonal Highway, headed toward Longmont. Duffy realized that the Bronco matched the description of a vehicle spotted in previous bank robberies linked to the "Shaggy Bandit." Duffy promptly aired this information over his police radio and asked for assistance. The vehicle was stopped a short while later by Boulder County Sheriff's deputies, officers with the Longmont Police Department and Officer Duffy.

Both the driver and the passenger have been arrested. The investigation is continuing, and the FBI will be responsible for releasing additional information, including their names and possible charges.

The observation and subsequent action by Officer Duffy followed several days of diligent work by detectives, who have been gathering information, working with the banking community and conducting surveillance in the event that the robbery suspect returned to Boulder.

The "Shaggy Bandit" is suspected in two robberies in Boulder: the first was at Advantage Bank, 1611 Canyon Blvd., on June 26; the second was at FirstBank inside King Soopers, 1650 30th St., on Aug. 20. Additional charges may be possible as a result of the attempted robbery today. In addition to the crimes in Boulder, the FBI has linked the "Shaggy Bandit" to 12 other robberies in Colorado and three robberies in other states.

The police department also wishes to thank the bank employee for being alert and promptly reporting the suspicious behavior at First Tier today.

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