Ryah Hollandsworth Busted for Trying to Hide Drugs in a Police Car

So...you're being arrested and you've got something with you that would make a bad situation worse.

Where's the absolute last place you should try to hide it?

Ten points for Gryffindor if you answered, "A police car."

And fifty more if you guessed that's exactly what authorities say Ryah Hollandsworth did, making her a deserving Schmuck of the Week honoree.

On the morning of April 13, according to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, a deputy-trainee and the officer showing him the ropes spotted an erratic driver.

Yep, it was Hollandsworth, 21.

After being pulled over, Hollandsworth is said to have failed the usual roadside-maneuvers routine, after which she was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

At that point, she was loaded into a cruiser and transported to an area hospital for a mandatory blood test.

But en route, MCSO reps say she was spotted trying to hide several prescription pills in the backseat of the patrol car.

That's not Hollandsworth's only problem.

She also had an AR-15-style rifle hidden in the backseat of her ride, as well as a loaded handgun with reach of the driver's seat.

Hollandsworth was subsequently booked on the driving charges, plus possession of a controlled substance, prohibited use of a weapon and tampering with evidence.

In a particularly Schmucky way. But judging by the smile she shows off in her booking photo, she managed to rebound quickly. Here's the full-size version.

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