Scottie Ewing gets 6 months home detention, can't kick reporter's ass until summer

Scottie Ewing, ex-owner of a prostitution business dubbed Denver Players/Denver Sugar, has received six months home detention in a plea deal related to the tax evasion and racketeering case against another Denver Players/Denver Sugar principal, Brenda Stewart. Which means he can't mete out pain he once considered inflicting on a Westword reporter for a previous story. For a while, anyhow.

In the February 10 print edition of Westword, former staffer Jared Jacang Maher returned to share a piece entitled "Scottie Ewing cuts a deal in a federal tax-evasion case." In it, Ewing told Maher, "You have no clue how close I was to having you put in the fucking hospital."

Why? His anger over the 2006 feature article "Swap Talk," about a feud between swingers clubs. What upset Ewing most was the publication of a photo featuring Ewing and his then-girlfriend. "You totally fucked up her life, by the way," he told Maher. "Her relationship with her parents is pretty much non-existent because of that whole thing, and thanks to you."

Ewing admitted to Maher that the sentence confirmed yesterday constitutes "a slap on the wrist... But I wasn't the target. I was merely collateral damage in Brenda's case. And [investigators] looked at me and said he's running a legitimate business, he did good things with his money, he's paying his taxes now."

As a bonus, Maher's ass remains unkicked -- and unless he drops by Ewing's house in the near future, it should stay safe until at least August.

More from our Calhoun: Wake-Up Call archive: "Scottie Ewing, swinger entrepreneur, pleads guilty to tax evasion for prostitution business."

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