Scout's Honor

After many years of effort, my son, Nick, recently earned the ranking of Eagle Scout -- and shortly thereafter, he received letters of congratulation from two elected officials, Representative Tom Tancredo, in whose congressional district we live, and Senator Wayne Allard. However, he's heard squat from Colorado's other senator, Ken Salazar -- and the latter's failure to offer kudos raises some important questions. So, Senator Salazar: Do you have something against scouts? Why? Did you have trouble tying knots as a child? And if you don't like scouts, what else don't you like? The flag? Apple pie? Don't


me you have a problem with mothers...

Seriously, the fact that we were contacted by two Republicans and zero Democrats does feel significant. Republicans may not have fared well in recent elections, but they've held onto power for as long as they have in part because they've long understood that paying attention to the little things (like patting the back of a new Eagle Scout) can win them just as many votes as their positions on the issues of the day. If Democrats want their recent success to be lasting, and not just a short-lived break from conservative domination, they'd be well advised to learn this lesson.

In other words, Senator Salazar, send my son a letter, even if you do feel resentment every time you have to tie a knot. -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.