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Search on After Mysterious Disappearance of Seth Kienzle

There's already been one mysterious disappearance of a young man in northern Colorado during early 2016: Eldora ski area employee Ryder Johnson, who vanished in January. His whereabouts remain unknown at this writing.

Now, there's another.

Seth Kienzle, 26, went missing last Friday, February 19 — and now, friends, family and loved ones are using social media and an old-fashioned search party in an effort to find him.

This portrait of Kienzle....

...is the one being circulated most frequently online.

However, his Facebook page, which notes that he's originally from Haines, Alaska, and lists his occupation as "Anonymous at Conspiracy," is filled with fun-loving shots.

Here's one example....

...and another:

As for what happened to him, the Boulder Daily Camera reports that Kienzle, who currently makes his home in Denver, was supposed to meet pals in Fort Collins on Friday but never arrived.

Meanwhile, authorities in Boulder found his car abandoned in the northern part of the community.

The vehicle was parked near the intersection of Wild Horse Circle and Linden Drive.

The following interactive graphic shows the area. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

On Monday, a missing-persons report was filed in regard to Kienzle, and since then, there have been posts aplenty about him on Facebook. Some examples:

My friend Seth Kienzle has been missing for 3 days, his car was found outside of Boulder in the middle of a road on Friday with the windows down and has since been towed. Please share this ! If you see him or hear anything at all please contact the Boulder police.

Hey Fb friends!!! Very important! Seth Kienzle is missing! his car was found abandoned in the middle of a road outside of Boulder on Friday. Please share this!!! If anyone sees him contact the Boulder police immediately!!! If you have ANY information please contact the police. He has a lot of people who love him and are looking for him!

Has anyone talked to Seth Kienzle? He's missing and they found his car outside boulder with the windows down, in the middle of the street. I am extremely worried. Please contact me if you've talked to him this weekend please!

Asking for prayers and any information on the disappearance of our friend Seth. He's been missing since Friday. Please contact Boulder PD with ANY information!!

Let's find him please share this! He is one of my BEST FRIENDS we r very worried!

Kienzle is described as standing five-foot-seven and sporting short blond hair and tattoos. His friends are planning to take part in a search party today in the area near where his ride was found.

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If you have any information about Kienzle, you're encouraged to contact the Boulder County Sheriff's Office at 303-441-4444.

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