Secret DNC jail “Gitmo on the Platte” has a secret escape tunnel!

Another amusing/terrifying item I noticed in the amusing/terrifying Denver Auditor’s report I read after my amusing/terrifying experience getting chased by a black truck after taking unauthorized photos of Gitmo on the Platte: there’s a secret tunnel that leads outside the (once) secret DNC protester prison.

It’ll be just like that movie The Great Escape but with less German and more Glenn Spagnuolo!

Apparently a concrete tunnel runs under the entire row of warehouses in the complex, an old military storage depot. But many years ago, the building directly adjacent to the one being used for convention detainment burned down and was never rebuilt. (Old wood and a shitty sprinkler system don’t make them very safe for storage. Oh, well.) This left one of the access doors completely exposed to the open air, secured only by a small lock, while the another access door is located inside. The protesters won’t even have to worry about digging. How convenient!

Which reminds me. I wonder if I should talk about the tunnel that runs underneath City of Cuernavaca Park, where protest group Tent State is holding many of its events, or the other one that leads from City Park all the way to the Denver Coliseum, where Rage Against the Machine is playing?

Eh, I should probably keep those to myself. –Jared Jacang Maher

UPDATE: I went out there today and took this close-up photo of the lock on the outside escape hatch. Looks pretty beat up. Somebody better tell somebody about that.

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