See 15 Finalists for the 2016-2017 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Squad

A lot of questions are lingering about the 2016-2017 Denver Broncos.

And we're not just talking about who will play quarterback for the squad.

Yesterday at the University of Denver’s Gates Concert Hall, the public was introduced to the latest Denver Broncos cheerleaders squad — a high-profile gig, to be sure, given that the Broncos' Super Bowl victory in February guarantees plenty of national TV exposure.

As noted by Fox31, sixteen veterans and ten rookies made the cut following tryouts involving 48 finalists.

Look below to see photos of fifteen finalists as shared on the Broncos cheerleaders website, followed by a collage featuring all 48 — and the Fox31 report.

Number 111: Lindsey J.

Number 91: Caitlynn A.

Number 87: Dee

Number 75: Sara

Number 59: Hayle J.

Number 58: Amanda

Number 50: Christina

Continue to see more of the finalists for Denver Broncos cheerleader 2016.

Number 47: Marissa

See 15 Finalists for the 2016-2017 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Squad

Number 42: Mikayla

Number 30: Lexi

Number 19: Alex

Number 11: Caitlyn F.

Mystery Number 3: Natalie

Mystery Number 2: Lindsey O.

Mystery Number 1: Katie M.

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