See and Be Seen at Racines

Forget about the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Breakfast at Racines this morning was the real DPC -- Denver Power Convention.

Chew on this! Over a single hour, our spy spotted the following lineup (not necessarily together): Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce honcho Joe Blake; Dem power-broker Howard Gelt; uber developer Evan Makovsky, who saved the Fontius building; do-gooder Jamie Van Leeuwen of Denver's Road Home; Colorado Restaurant Association prez Pete Meersman; dress doll Molly Broeren of Molly's, CRL influencers Roger Sherman and Brittany Morris (daughter of Chuck); and Jim Lyons, the FOB (friend of Bill) who's been representing the city in the ACLU's protester-policy case.

Now you know why your mother always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day.

And why Racines, a perennial winner of the Best Power Breakfast award in our Best of Denver, is the place to rise and shine. -- Patricia Calhoun


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