See Low-Wage Denver Workers Fight for 15 at McDonald's, State Capitol

The Fight for 15 campaign, which calls for a minimum $15 hourly wage and the right for workers at fast-food restaurants and similar businesses to organize, didn't get a lot of support at this week's Republican presidential debate.

The headline of the Al Jazeera America report about the way the issue was treated at the gathering begins, "The Fight Against 15."

But supporters of the movement definitely aren't ready to surrender. Indeed, they feel their cause is gathering momentum. On November 10, walkouts at fast-food establishments took place in a record 270 cities, including Denver.

The focus on the subject in the Mile High City is nothing new. As we've reported, Fight for 15 rallies happened here in December 2014 and this past April. And on Wednesday, two protests took place — an early morning demonstration at a McDonald's at 3996 East Evans Avenue that reportedly drew up to 100 people and a late afternoon march from the City & County Building that attracted 200 or so participants and briefly closed Broadway and Lincoln.

Look below to see images from both events, courtesy of Progressive Promotions, followed by a report from CBS4.

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