Peyton Manning, as imagined by HSR Tv. Video below.
Peyton Manning, as imagined by HSR Tv. Video below.
HSR Tv via YouTube

See Peyton Manning's Super-Creepy Sick-Bed "Pep Talk" to Brock Osweiler

It's official.

In the wake of the Broncos' humiliating loss to the Chiefs, Coach Gary Kubiak has announced that backup quarterback Brock Oweiler will start against the Chicago Bears this Sunday for future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, who's said to be suffering from a rib-cage injury and a partial tear of the plantar fascia in his left foot.

As a result, all of those fans who've been wanting to see Osweiler under center will find out if he's got what it takes to pilot the Broncos in the future, or if this is one of those be-careful-what-you-wish-for scenarios.

In the meantime, the folks at Bleacher Report "have imagined a "pep talk" between Manning, laid up in a sick-bed, and young Brock

The results are hilarious in a super-creepy way — although they definitely seem to have Kubiak fired up.

Check it out below.

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