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Reader: And Parents Wonder Why Teachers Don't Want to Go to School

At least one student has tested positive.
Chaparral High School is located in Douglas County.
Chaparral High School is located in Douglas County. Google Maps
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On August 12, more than 100 Parker high school students gathered for "Senior Sunrise," taking a group photo under the banner "Class of 2021." It's a tradition that started back in 2013, but this year went on without the okay of Chaparral High School officials; during the gathering, few masks were in evidence and the teens skipped social distancing protocols.

Students had planned the event on their own, advertising it through social media. And that's where one parent posted a now-deleted photo of the event, with this note: "My daughter is a senior. I am so thankful that she was able to attend this and have some normalcy!"

And as is normal these days, our story about this "Senior Sunrise" inspired plenty of comments on Facebook, discussing everything from mask-wearing to Parker to journalism in general. Says Joseph:
Wow! High school kids being reckless and rebellious?! Who could have foreseen that?
Suggests Matthew:
“The gathering could be declared an outbreak”... yep, everything is now an outbreak. Can’t wait to read about this in the history books in twenty years... unless the coronavirus takes me (in an outbreak).
Counters Katie:
And parents continue to wonder why teachers don’t want to go back in person. You have to meet us halfway, people.
Notes William:
This school is in Parker. Majority white, majority Republican. Parker does not hold BLM protests and gatherings but supports the blue.

The mindset by the majority of the parents in Parker is that COVID-19 is a hoax and it shows in their offspring.
Responds Lara: 
Actually, there were a couple of peaceful BLM protests, but you are spot-on with the rest of your post. I am not proud to be living in Parker right now.
Adds Shawnney:
 That’s one of the most accurate depictions of Parker I think I’ve ever heard. I grew up there, have some family there who have this mentality for sure. It’s been a weird and strained year because of that for us.
Comments Dennis:
Articles such as yours demonstrate the media bias you no-talent assholes all share. This has nothing to do with the virus, it’s all about compliance. None of the measures in place are even statistically justifiable. Masks do not keep people from getting sick. At some point everyone will have exposure to said viruses, and therefore they’re pointless. It’s extremely naive or arrogant to think if wearing a mask stopped these things they wouldn’t have figured this out long ago.

Do you think it’s ironic Douglas County was going to exit the Tri-County Health Department because of the 90 day mandatory masks, only for Princess Polis to make it mandatory six days later? Even I knew it wouldn’t expire on the 17th. Nor will it expire 30 days after that. If people won’t conform to your narrative, you’ll make them.

Go fuck yourself.
And then there's this from Victoria: 
Thank you for keeping us informed. Far too many people are being careless. Our ability to keep businesses and schools open absolutely depend upon following the viral mitigation protocol of physical distancing and masks. 
Here's one more bit of information. On August 19, Chaparral High parents received a note that started with this:

"Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) was notified that an individual at the 'Senior Sunrise' event, which is thought to have taken place on 8/12/2020 at the Challenger Regional Park in Parker, has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Douglas County School District and Tri-County Health Department are working together on this investigation. This letter is to notify parents of the situation."

Time to take a test...and this is one on which you don't want a positive grade.

What do you think of the "Senior Sunrise" event? Tri-County Health? Schools returning to in-person study? Publications that cover these issues? Post a comment or email your thoughts to [email protected].
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