Sex and babymaking resolution passed by DPS board: Study hard, kids

Denver's public schoolchildren could soon be learning a lot more about the art of babymaking (and presumably, how to avoid it). The DPS Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution last week that calls for the district to ensure that kids "have access to science-based, comprehensive, medically-accurate, culturally relevant, and age-appropriate sexuality education."

Good news for teenagers previously worried that the hair on their palms was caused by, well, that darn Victoria's Secret catalog! Bad news for the makers of Valtrex, who may see a drop in business in the Denver area.

But there's still no word on what exactly will be taught in Denver schools. That's partly because sex ed isn't mandatory in Colorado or in DPS, though new state academic content standards require that when schools delve into lessons on human reproduction, they take a comprehensive approach.

"Which means you have to teach more than just abstinence," says Karen Connell, supervisor for prevention initiatives for the Colorado Department of Education.


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