Sex sells medical marijuana, too: Meet the $5 joint lady on Federal

"Did you see the woman in a bikini twirling a '$5 joints' sign on Federal?"

In the hyper-competitive and growing field of medical marijuana sales, any advantage to catch a potential buyer's attention is being explored, including catering to the most basic compulsions. And what's worked for beer, cigarettes, chicken wings, clothing and nearly everything else that can be sold, can certainly work for pot.

It's an almost certainly a one-of-a-kind job description for Deedra. While she wasn't quite wearing a bikini on Monday afternoon, she said the job still has resulted in honking, hollering, phone number requesting and drive-by video-taping.

The sign-holder used to deliver burritos to the crew at Mile High Medical Cannabis (1705 Federal Boulevard). On Sunday when she was at the shop, she was recruited by its owner to get out there after showing up at the dispensary with a blue halter top.

"Yesterday, I had this shirt on and Bob threw me out there and said, 'go for it girl!'" says Deedra, who didn't give her last name but noted that she's the proud mom of seven kids.

"I think it definitely brings in more buyers, I'll tell you that," Deedra says.

Chimed in one of the dispensary's employees: "We have $30 1/8ths, quality strains!"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.