Shandrea Bowie Says Lover Told Her, "Go Ahead and Stab Me" — and She Did

Update: Last week, when we reported about the arrest of Shandrea Bowie in the homicide death of Dydrick Martin (see our previous coverage below), we wrote, "As we know, domestic violence is an exceedingly complicated suspect. We'll have to wait for formal charges, as well as Bowie's defense, to learn if she will claim that she acted in self-defense."

We've now obtained a copy of the police report in the case, and in the document, on view below, Bowie does indeed claim that Martin physically shoved her to the ground, among other things, and even quotes him as encouraging her to use a knife he provided to her in order to stab him.

Nonetheless, the Denver District Attorney's Office has charged Bowie with second-degree murder and four counts of child abuse — because her kids were home at the time of the incident.

Around 11:15 p.m. on July 31, as we've reported, police received a call about a stabbing that had taken place just shy of an hour earlier on the 5400 block of Quari Street, an area captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

By then, Martin had been transported to University Hospital and declared dead.

Early the next morning, investigators interviewed a woman who'd been on the scene. She said she was watching television when her granddaughter informed her that a child was outside, crying.

When the woman asked what was wrong, the child replied said that "her mom stabbed Dydrick."

The report notes that Bowie's four children and her mother lived at Quari Street home with her. They'd been joined by Martin about a year earlier.

Upon entering Bowie's house, the woman said she saw Martin lying on the couch. For her part, Bowie was holding a towel over a wound in his chest.

At that point, Bowie handed the woman a cell phone. A 911 dispatcher was already on the line, and while the woman spoke with the operator, she heard Bowie say that Martin had been hitting her.

A few hours later, Bowie spoke with police; the report emphasizes that she signed an advisement form indicating that she understood her rights and wanted to tell her side of the story anyhow.

The previous day, she said, her friends and family had joined her for a party at the house — but when Martin got home from work at about 5:30 p.m., he was upset by their presence.

The revelers left at about 8 p.m., at which point Bowie announced that she was heading to a club with a friend. That angered Martin, too, the document maintains.

Bowie left anyhow — but instead of going to the club as planned, she purchased a bottle of vodka from an area liquor store and returned home.

Upon her arrival, she continued, she found Martin packing some of his clothes, and the argument started up again.

Next, Bowie said, Martin brought three kitchen knives into the bedroom, threw them on the floor and told her, "Go ahead and stab me." He also allegedly slapped a cell phone and a drink out of her hand.

In response, Bowie plucked Martin's cell phone from a table in the living room, then took it outside and slammed it onto the ground. Martin reacted by shoving her down — and after picking herself up, she walked back into the bedroom, picked up a knife and stabbed him in the chest.

The woman who'd been alerted to the stabbing by the crying child heard Bowie say, "I had to do it." Clearly, prosecutors disagree — but the circumstances suggest that the case is far from simple.

Here's the aforementioned police report, followed by our previous coverage.

Shandrea Bowie Probable Cause Statement

Original post, 8:38 a.m. August 4: The most recent personal photo Shandrea Bowie posted on her Facebook page shows her with Dydrick Martin, her significant other.

The accompanying caption reads, "Me and my baby on the Fourth of July on our anniversary."

Less than a month later, the celebration was over and Bowie was behind bars — arrested on suspicion of having stabbed Martin to death.

Bowie has a keen interest in crime. The news stories she shared on Facebook during the past few months include items about the April murder of Abdul Muhammad, the arrest of suspects in the June slaying of Camille Harrell, and accusations of fatal child abuse in the case of 23-month-old Javion Johnson.

Her photo gallery, meanwhile, includes portraits such as this one....

As for Martin's page, it features several shares of this pic.....

...and multiple images of him with Bowie. Here's one example:

Then, on the evening of July 31, mere hours after law-enforcers responded to the murder of Denver teen Jorge Lopez-Ramirez, Denver police officers were dispatched to another homicide scene.

Here's the tweet that followed:

By the next morning, the DPD had identified the suspect as Bowie and noted that she was being held on suspicion of "first-degree murder, domestic violence related."

As we know, domestic violence is an exceedingly complicated suspect. We'll have to wait for formal charges, as well as Bowie's defense, to learn if she will claim that she acted in self-defense.

Until then, we're left with the photos shared here, which may be worth 1,000 words but don't tell the whole story.

Look below to see Bowie's mug shot.

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