Shmuck: A dad and two thieves

There's plenty of shmuckyness to go around in this delightful story.

On Tuesday evening, a Federal Heights man left his car running -- with his two-year-old and five-month-old kids in the back -- while he ran into a Shell gas-station convenience store. While he was inside, another man got into his car, a 1998 black Jeep Cherokee -- and took off, kids included. The father called the police.

Police arrested a man and a woman shortly thereafter at the Cascade Mobile Home Park after witnesses to the car theft said they saw a woman running there. How did they find the suspects? The Jeep was sitting outside the park and a taxi was on its way in. The cops followed the taxi and arrested nineteen-year-old Aaron Conrad Wolfe and twenty-year-old Mikinna Lynn Vezakis (pictured). The kids were found safe.

What a fun ride, Dad! Next time, turn off the ignition.

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