Shmuck of the Week: Steven Clay Romero, accused dog-dragger

You might say Steven Clay Romero sped off with our dishonor this week, dragging his freedom and dignity behind him, bloody and lifeless.

How? By dragging a stranger's dog to death behind his car.

It went down at Colorado National Monument, near Grand Junction, late in December (he was indicted this week). Police say Romero's sister, 32-year-old Melissa Lockhart, stole a neighbor's German Shepard mix and asked Romero to get rid of it.

Romero obliged, in perhaps the least humane (not to mention inefficient) way possible: By tying the dog to the back of his car and driving until it was good and dead -- sort of like Chevy Chase in Vacation, only way less fictional.

Romero faces animal cruelty charges, not to mention the uncomfortable wrath of any dog-lovers who learn his story in prison. A petition seeking "justice for Buddy" -- by which we assume they mean dragging his ass behind a 1984 Civic with fuel-injection problems, the slower the better -- is gaining steam on Facebook, should you want to join in on the outrage.

In the meantime, he's our Shmuck of the Week.

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