Shmucks of the Week: Brophy and King

It's coming up on the ten-year anniversary of the Columbine High School murders -- so what better time to introduce a bill in the state legislature that would ease a restriction on certain people who want to buy firearms?

The bill, pushed by Republican senator Greg Brophy of Wray (pictured) and Republican representative Steve King of Grand Junction, would waive the background check requirement for anyone who has a concealed-carry permit.

Who opposes the bill? Police chiefs and sheriffs who believe that Colorado's conceal-carry permit process isn't standardized or centralized enough to be trustworthy, according to a story in the Denver Post. Other opponents include: gun-control groups (of course) and a number of Democrats, who now control both the state house and senate.

The bill would also do away with the background check in gun stores and at gun shows, something that would undo a portion of the state's landmark Amendment 22, which was passed by an enormous margin in 2000, shortly after Columbine.

Remember, Senator Brophy and Representative King: Guns don't make people into shmucks, people do.

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