Shmucks of the Week: Cancer-fakers

There's something obviously disgusting about a woman rallying her friends and family around an illness she invented, raising money for treating cancer when it's nothing but crazy that infects her body.

But what's even more punch-yourself-in-the-face mind-boggling about the crime committed by Tausha Marsh, who this week pleaded guilty to faking cancer for cash? It was totally unoriginal.

That's right: Faking cancer is the new Amway. Jennifer Dibble faked hers for donations, just like Marsh. Erika Lauren Wasilewski, of Real World sort-of-fame, did it for attention. A Catholic priest -- ! -- faked his to raise money for a trip to France.

If you believe in hell, you probably are envisioning a nice little corner of it for these and other cancer-fakers -- a place with no cable, a shitty beer selection and lots of flames and whatnot. We'd settle for a nice little corner of prison, mixed in with some angry inmates who've lost someone close to cancer. And no cable, obviously.

In the meantime, the stupid cancer fakers are our Shmucks of the Week.

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Joe Tone
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